Recruitment Consulting

Recruiting new employees can be a complicated, expensive and time consuming process. We offer personalized, effective, and fast recruitment services. All of our services are made to fit the specific demands of each client. We use our own internal database with more than 12 000 contacts from all over the world for the selection of the best candidates. We make full use of the potential of social networks and the latest technologies and trends in recruitment. Professional interviews are always lead by an expert from the industry.

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Career Counseling

Are you not satisfied with your current job? Are you struggling to find a new one?


Our career counseling is tailored to the individual needs of each and every client. With the help of Hogan psychometric tests and focused interviews, we can help you find employment that suits you the best. Together, we can draft a strategy for how to reach your dream job. We can help you edit your resume and LinkedIn profile. And then, when you have the job offer on the table, we can help you navigate the negation of the best conditions for you.

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Are you dealing with organizational changes in your company and are you about to let some of your employees go? In that case, we recommend using our outplacement services. This will help your employees overcome one of the most stressful periods of their careers. As our client, you will benefit greatly from our years of experience with both recruitment and career counseling. 


You will retain the reputation of a responsible employer and avoid risks and possible legal disputes. This will give your employees the chance to change their employment faster and at the same time, maintain their performance and motivation in the period after the announcement of the termination of employment.

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Hogan Evaluation

Did you know that hiring an unsuitable employee can cost you up to 20 times his monthly salary?


By involving psychodiagnostic in the selection process, the probability of choosing the most suitable candidate increases. Based on many years of experience in the field of management, we use a set of 3 Hogan questionnaires, which help the client to better predict who will be the best fit for which position.


Personality assessment can be used to determine the candidate’s working style, to understand their basic motivators, and to recognize patterns of behavior that worsen their productivity and relationships with colleagues.

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