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Executive Search

Finding a suitable candidate is often relatively easy. Finding a great candidate is usually very difficult. It requires a strategic approach and close cooperation between the client and our consultants.

Assignments like “just bring us someone” are not for us. Are you trying to fill a position where it is very difficult to find a candidate, get him or clearly recognize if he can handle the job? Are you trying to fill a position so important that you cannot afford to make a mistake? Are you trying to fill a position of a key manager whose performance impacts the success of your organization? These are the assignments for us.

At Personal Connect, we offer you a comprehensive approach to finding a suitable candidate, from the initial analysis of requirements through search, motivation, final selection of short-listed candidates to onboarding support. We are quick to admit we are not omniscient, and therefore, if an assignment requires it, we reach out to our extensive network of experienced professionals who know or can quickly understand the specifics of your business.

Career counseling

Are you not satisfied at your current job? Are you unable to find a new job? Then you have come to the right place!

Instead of rushing off to sending your CV off in a bulk, we try to find out who you are, what you know and what your expectations are. We use Hogan’s psychodiagnostic to understand where you perform best and what you need to work on to achieve your dream job. We will create a career plan and edit your resume with you, as well as your motivation letter, possibly even recommend further training. And then, when you have job offers on the table, we will help in their evaluation and negotiation of ideal conditions.

Support of internal HR

+ Outsourcing of selected processes

Personal Connect helps HR departments to become a strategic department and HR directors to become the ones involved in key decisions. We will help you decrease your workload, so you can focus on the key processes of your business.

To companies without HR department or even an HR personnel, we offer services in selected HR areas. If you have decided to outsource part of your HR processes from your company, as is often done for accounting and payroll services, we are here for you.

It is not just a replacement of an internal source, but a service with high added value. By outsourcing HR services, you can get help and advice from experts in different work areas.

Assessment Centers

Many candidates can compose an impressive CV. There are also many who come perfectly prepared to interview. But how do you know if it will work out in real life? Will they handle the workload well? Will they “click” with the team? Wouldn’t it be better to fill the position with someone who already works at your company?

As a part of the selection process, we can organize an Assessment Center (AC), which will help you answer all those questions.

Proper use of these services offers the employer a relatively high degree of certainty that they have chosen the most ideal candidate not only in terms of self-presentation but also on the basis of real abilities and their personality. Thanks to AC, you can better introduce your company, its culture, and get to know how a candidate approaches solving specific tasks.

Hogan Evaluation

The relationship between an employee and their immediate superior plays a crucial role in their engagement and productivity. Did you know that hiring and developing the wrong employee may cost you up to 20 times their monthly salary? Your company may be thusly losing their resources they could use elsewhere.

By using personality evaluations to choose and develop talented employees, your company can gain a competitive advantage. With Personal Connect, based on years of experience in management and the use of universal but accurate Hogan evaluation, you get enough information to predict who will stand out in certain positions and who may not be right.

It is not

a lifelong obligation

All of our services are tailored to each and every one of our clients since we know very well that needs of any company are never the same. Would you like to find out if we are the right fit? Let us know, and we will find out how to help you. Warranty period and trial search are given parts of our work.

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