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Cooperation based

on trust

Mutual trust, respect, and partnership. These are the values that drive our work in the area of recruitment, as well as in the area of personal and business development.

Our services

We stick together

no matter what

We build on the teamwork of proven industry experts and young people with an innovative approach to work. Thanks to experiences from both Czech and international markets, we are masters of our field.  

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At Personal Connect, we like working on positions where no one else has been successful in finding the right person. Often, we are the ones who manage to tackle the difficult assignments, helping our clients fill positions all around the world.

Our customers are mainly financial institutions, international IT or industrial companies and logistics centers. Dozens of people we have brought to our clients are very successful in high-ranking positions today. These include, for example, business and sales directors, customer relationship managers, strategy directors, or Key Account Managers who are responsible for key parts of business.

We are a sought-after partner even in confidential situations when the selection procedure has to be kept secret and the candidate is not to know until the very last moment for whom and what the position is. Even in such situations, we are able to get top-notch and self-confident candidates, who do not usually consent to such discussions.

We value the trust of our clients very much. If you want to know more about our cooperation with them, let us know and we will gladly pass on their contact details.

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