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Nine years of success!

Personal Connect was founded by Alexandra Lemerova in February 2011 after finishing a successful career in international IT and consulting firms. The company was founded with a goal to become a reliable partner in the area of recruitment and aid people in reaching their dreams. In Personal Connect, we build on the teamwork of established experts in the field and innovative young people. 


Over the years, Alexandra’s daughter Katerina, and later also her husband Vaclav began to contribute to the company. Apart from recruitment, Katerina also manages marketing. Vaclav brought his many years of experience from product management, IT, and team profiling. He is also our innovation guru. Our family team is perfectly complemented by our senior consultant Michaela.

Alexandra Lemerová


A person who thinks positively sees the invisible, feels unreachable and achieves the impossible.

What do I enjoy and what inspires me? I’m always trying to be open to new ideas. I read a lot, I follow current trends, and meet inspiring people. A great inspiration for me is also my husband. He motivates me to do new things and do them well. How do I relax? With my family, eating good food, in the mountains, or by the sea. Always with a good detective story in my hand. Why should our client and candidate work with me? I work on projects and positions that I trust.


Michaela Sirotková

Senior Consultant

Every day we do something, and that something is what makes up our whole life.

What do I enjoy and what inspires me? It’s definitely getting together with interesting people, either meeting the ones I know or the ones I see for the first time in my life. How do I relax? With friends, my husband, during baking or in nature. Why should our client and candidate work with me? Everyone represents an individual. For me, it is crucial to understand what a person enjoys, what appeals to them and where they want to go. I approach everything and everyone with an open mind and try to be a partner to them, not just another contact.


Kateřina Lemerová

Junior Consultant a Marketing strategist

I shall either find a way or make one.

What do I enjoy and what inspires me? I enjoy the most traveling around the world. You never know what your travels will bring your way, and so it is the greatest inspiration and challenge for me to discover new places and cultures. If I’m not on the go, I enjoy reading and devoting myself to the latest trends in genetics and artificial intelligence. Why should a candidate work with me? For me, our candidates are not just a CV lying on the table, but people with enormous potential. My goal is to help them achieve their dreams.


Jana-Anežka Kučerová

HR Consultant

Success always begins with courage.

What do I enjoy and what inspires me? I am inspired by people who are unafraid to go after their dreams. I enjoy taking on new challenges and going the extra mile. I like spending time with my family, winter in the mountains and summer relaxing by the sea. Why should our client and candidate work with me? I am delighted to help others achieve their success and see that things work as they should.


Come work

with us!

Do you want to help with filling interesting job positions? Do you know your way around Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter? Do you enjoy the latest technologies and speak English well? If so, this is the offer for you!

The labor market is changing and the usual and established methods of recruiting are no longer working. This is when modern technologies, including cloud and social networks, come into play. The emerging generation is completely changing our approach to work.

We are looking for motivated and talented people with an interest in personal counseling and recruitment. Someone who will choose quality in place of quantity. We are interested in candidates who like challenges, are reliable and capable.

We offer you great autonomy, responsibility, the possibility to grow and work on interesting projects. If you are interested, send a CV with a motivation letter to tocontactus@personalconnect.cz

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